What is energy healing? – Energy healing is used to balance the body’s energy systems and raise the frequency of the body. Ever heard of good vibes? That is what energy healing can create. If you’ve ever heard of acupuncture, it uses needles placed along the body’s energy systems called “meridians” or pathways to help the body heal and rebalance itself. Energy healing does pretty much the same thing but without needles. I can work on any emotional/physical issue you are currently facing and help provide healing.

What is Reiki Energy Healing? – Reiki is a type of energy healing that balances the energy in the body, the chakras (energy centers), and promotes physical, mental, and emotional healing. It can sometimes feel like slight tingling to some or nothing to others….just depends. You will feel relaxed, less stressed and balanced after a session. I usually feel euphoric!

What is a session like? – We will start by talking about what is bothering you physically or emotionally and then I will perform energy healing for those specific challenges while you are laying down. It’s a relaxing process that I will talk you through. You don’t have to do anything other than show up, be open to the healing, and relax. After, I will talk to you how to support your body after you leave the appointment.

What is a frequency? – Frequencies are everywhere. They are energetic pulses found in everything. High frequencies or “good vibes” are the goal and low frequencies or “bad vibes” are the ones we want to get rid of. I use energy healing to clear low frequencies from your body and enable your body to heal whatever is ailing it.